I started working in Lancashire as an apprentice. My first experience of electrical work was rewiring occupied housing. I am very grateful for this experience as it showed me the basis of my craft. Now as an electrician in Islington, I do many a rewire.

If you require a rewire, it can be a little daunting as you embark. The disruption and the idea of having your whole system replaced can seem a little much. I have a wealth of experience in rewiring houses. I can rewire a one bedroom flat for as little as £1500 and a four bedroom flat for £2500. Problem with your electric in Islington? I can help.

Rewiring your home is an ideal opportunity to get the exact electrical system you require. In modern homes, we tend to have a lot of equipment that requires powering. On many an occasion, I enter a home and see a fantastic flat screen TV, with 5.1 system, only to look around and see HDMI, power and speaker cables left dangling down.

If you need a full rewire, we can take it as an opportunity to put the system in place you need. It is the best time to install the lighting you want and the sockets you want to use, exactly were you want them.

Give me a call on 07857942190, and I will arrange to come to your property and discuss exactly what you need, and
how we can go about it, with the minimum disturbance to your life. As your electrician in Islington I am happy to help.