My prices are the same whether you need an electrician in Islington, Hackney, central or east London. Day or night. Zone or not.

For an emergency call, I charge £69 per hour. This is for an immediate response to your problem. This is the price regardless of the time of day or night.

For my hourly rate, I charge £69 per hour. This is if you have booked an appointment.

I have structured my prices as a result of feedback from customers. It can be a concern that there are certain hidden charges, call out fees and overcharging practices. I find, that if you need an emergency electrician to attend you, this is concern enough.

So, if you are ringing round looking for an electrician, try and ask them if there prices are fixed, if there are any call out fees or traveling charges. Some tradesmen advertise a low fee and charge by the half hour. Some advertise an hourly rate, then increase the charges outside of 9-5 hours. Some increase the rate if you are inside the congestion

So, my charges are simple, I believe fair and do not vary at weekends or the middle of the night.

So whether you’re in Brixton, Lambeth, Camberwell or Battersea the price is the same. Call me on 07857942190.