Fitting Lights

Fitting Lights – from the electrician Stoke Newington.

I have gained a wealth of experience in installing lights and light fitting for customers. So whether you require a bespoke hand made pendant, or you have bought the shabby chic chandelier of your dreams, I am happy to check and install them for you.

For replacing a light fitting I charge £69/hr and of course this usually takes less than 1hr. For a new lighting point I will come and check your requirements. Rich- Stoke Newington electric whiz kid.

Towel Rails – These are becoming more and more popular.

As an electrician in east London I am increasingly asked to install them, particularly with timers, warm for the morning shower when the central heating is off. I have installed heated towel rails for clients in there bathrooms and utility rooms. These can help keep your room and towels warm independently from your central heating systems. These are particularly popular if you have storage heaters or underfloor heating.

I can install a heated towel rail in your bathroom from £90. Always call first to confirm. Your East London Electrician will never charge you for advise or a survey.

Kitchen Rewires – An electrician Chingford centered never bettered.

If your installing a new kitchen and require changes to your existing layout, give me a call and I can price it accordingly to suit your needs and your budget.

I will rewire your kitchen for £400. If there are any bespoke requirements, the price may be higher. Your Chingford Electrical problem melts into a simple solution.

Extra Sockets – Electrician Walthamstow, Wanstead and Woodbury Down would always be willing to do!

In today’s modern homes, we often need more socket outlets than were originally installed. Computers, televisions and hi-fi equipment, often end up untidy and powered with many extension leads. One popular job for me at the moment, is to install a socket behind a wall mounted plasma or LCD TV, in order to remove dangling unsightly cables. I can also put any Scart, HDMI and audio cables you may have, out of sight.

For extra sockets, I charge £30 per extra point. If the new socket is not local to an existing or is in an other room, the price may increase slightly. So overcome your Walthamstow electrical woe with Richard.


Rewires – this is the bread and butter of electricians in east London.

I have learnt to rewire a house or flat, quickly and efficiently. Whether your property is occupied, or vacant, I can take care of the new installation without delay. Rewires can be completed within a week, and I am happy to come and discuss your requirements to meet any exacting needs you may have for your rewire, without a charge as should any East London electricians.

Rewires can cost as little as £1500 for a one bedroom flat, this is for a typical standard installation. Please call me to discuss your criteria, and I will be able to give you a price for your requirements.

Lighting and New Switches – You can often breathe new life into your décor, by upgrading your switches.

Changing your switches to modern chrome or stainless steel versions can be cost effective and make a huge difference to your rooms appearance, and look electric in Islington, Shoreditch and Hoxton. Dimmer switches add an element of control and give adjust-ability, and often look better than tired old white plastic. Should you need an electrician in Islington, I can change an existing switch or replace it with a dimmer, for £25.

Immersion Heater Elements and Thermostats

From time to time, the heating element on your immersion heater may wear out. Many clients in the past have experienced confusion, as to whether or not to call a plumber or an electrician. I can replace your element or your thermostat as required. Electricians in east London are often hard to find. I am always happy to diagnose your faults.

For a new element, I charge £90.

Cooker Installation

In my experience, the company you buy your cooker off will not connect it for you. If you have bought a replacement cooker, give me a call and I will connect it for you. If you’re cooker-less and need an electrician Stoke Newington bound, ring my bell.

For a standard cooker connection, I charge £35.

Solar Panel Installation – I have seen a rising interest for solar panel installation, in recent months.

I find it heartening that customers seem to be looking for ways to break away from dependency on utility companies and use this freely available renewable source of energy. It also adds variety to the electrical east London jobs I seem to get. As we see increased availability of low voltage devices in our homes today, I am excited, here at electrician east London. to be embarking on a project that will hopefully culminate in an entirely low voltage home. Photovoltaic panels with a maximum power point tracking device incorporated, will feed a bank of leisure batteries in order to give an uninterrupted power source on tap. Good circuit design is essential in order to minimize voltage drop as the length of the cable runs ads both cost, and voltage losses.
When you begin to look at the price of electric today that we pay in east London, and nationwide, you begin to see why customers are looking to generate there own energy. As you take inventory of the products we use today in the home, you can see the potential. Laptop computers, flat screen televisions, lighting, mp3 players and mobiles all use low voltage supplies or chargers. I have experimented with having 12 volt systems in my own home previously, using wind and solar energy to charge batteries, which in turn then fed my garden lighting, and low voltage pump for my pond, quite novel for a supply of electric east London! As we move away from fossil fuel dependency, I am convinced that ecologically biased early adopters,  will help us all bring down the burden on both environment and budget.

I am happy to chat about any of your renewable energy enquires or querys. From advise, to a fully functioning, turn key solution. Please don`t hesitate to call.

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