Solar Panel Installation – I have seen a rising interest for solar panel installation, in recent months.

I find it heartening that customers seem to be looking for ways to break away from dependency on utility companies and use this freely available renewable source of energy. It also adds variety to the electrical east London jobs I seem to get. As we see increased availability of low voltage devices in our homes today, I am excited, here at electrician east London. to be embarking on a project that will hopefully culminate in an entirely low voltage home. Photovoltaic panels with a maximum power point tracking device incorporated, will feed a bank of leisure batteries in order to give an uninterrupted power source on tap. Good circuit design is essential in order to minimize voltage drop as the length of the cable runs ads both cost, and voltage losses.
When you begin to look at the price of electric today that we pay in east London, and nationwide, you begin to see why customers are looking to generate there own energy. As you take inventory of the products we use today in the home, you can see the potential. Laptop computers, flat screen televisions, lighting, mp3 players and mobiles all use low voltage supplies or chargers. I have experimented with having 12 volt systems in my own home previously, using wind and solar energy to charge batteries, which in turn then fed my garden lighting, and low voltage pump for my pond, quite novel for a supply of electric east London! As we move away from fossil fuel dependency, I am convinced that ecologically biased early adopters,  will help us all bring down the burden on both environment and budget.

I am happy to chat about any of your renewable energy enquires or querys. From advise, to a fully functioning, turn key solution. Please don`t hesitate to call.