Emergency fault finding and repairs

If you have an electrical emergency call me on 07857942190.

Should you experience sudden power loss to one, or all of your circuits, it is likely that you have a fault. Electrical faults can occur in all sorts of situations, and I specialize in hunting them out and finding a remedy. I do this by following a systematic testing and checking regiment that I have honed year in and out of my 18 years of experience, working for myself and other electricians in east London.

If you have reason to call me out, I will come to your property and start to locate the source of the problem. In domestic faults, the most common cause of mcb`s (miniature circuit breakers), or rcd`s tripping is the good old kettle. In the south east, we suffer the burden of lime scale, and from time to time choose to descale our kettles. I have been on numerous call outs were after some searching questions, we have discovered that the kettle is at fault. The descaling agent seems to burn through the built up lime allowing moisture to ingress directly on to the electrical connections, causing rcd and or mcb to trip, as most east London electricians have come across.

In other faults, you may have a damaged cable due to drilling or other upheaval. In this instance, I will test the cable to determine the location of the fault, and replace or repair the damaged part. Lamps (light bulbs) blowing can be a cause of nuisance tripping, particularly if you have a recent fuse board where the lighting circuits are protected by rcd`s. The next most common culprit in my experience is the fridge freezer. When they begin to get old they can cause surges or imbalance, which intern, can cause the rcd to trip.

It is often the case that customers tell me there circuit is tripping every time they use the cooker. Common sense would suggest then, that the cooker itself has become faulty, or the cable feeding the cooker has become damaged. It is only when we look laterally at the fault that we discover that the microwave gets used every time the cooker is used and it is a faulty microwave or a faulty socket hidden behind the microwave that is the original source of the problem.

So, in summery, East London Electrical gremlins arise in various guises. It is often not the original assumption, but a seemingly secondary piece of equipment that’s to blame. In my experience, I can come to your home, diagnose and repair the fault during the first hour. I charge £69 to come to your home and offer this service. If the fault is relatively major, I may have to return to rewire. In this instance, I am happy to negotiate a reduced day rate or a fixed price to resolve your problem. Please remember, you may be able to diagnose a fault yourself by unplugging kettles microwaves and computers to identify your faulty equipment, however, I am willing and happy to come to you, diagnose and remedy, for £69. The vast majority of domestic faults will be found and fixed with in the hour. So don’t worry about calling me or other electricians in east London, we don’t charge you for advise.

Call me on 07857942190.