Rewires – this is the bread and butter of electricians in east London.

I have learnt to rewire a house or flat, quickly and efficiently. Whether your property is occupied, or vacant, I can take care of the new installation without delay. Rewires can be completed within a week, and I am happy to come and discuss your requirements to meet any exacting needs you may have for your rewire, without a charge as should any East London electricians.

Rewires can cost as little as £1500 for a one bedroom flat, this is for a typical standard installation. Please call me to discuss your criteria, and I will be able to give you a price for your requirements.

Immersion Heater Elements and Thermostats

From time to time, the heating element on your immersion heater may wear out. Many clients in the past have experienced confusion, as to whether or not to call a plumber or an electrician. I can replace your element or your thermostat as required. Electricians in east London are often hard to find. I am always happy to diagnose your faults.

For a new element, I charge £90.

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