Towel Rails – These are becoming more and more popular.

As an electrician in east London I am increasingly asked to install them, particularly with timers, warm for the morning shower when the central heating is off. I have installed heated towel rails for clients in there bathrooms and utility rooms. These can help keep your room and towels warm independently from your central heating systems. These are particularly popular if you have storage heaters or underfloor heating.

I can install a heated towel rail in your bathroom from £90. Always call first to confirm. Your East London Electrician will never charge you for advise or a survey.

Extractor Unit – This is one of the jobs I have done as an electrician in East London.

I recently received a call from the Half Moon Pub. This is a job I am familiar with as it has evolved over the years into an award winning pub.  I have maintained and I’m very grateful that Wendy still uses my services although I am primarily an East London Electrician.

Wendy had a problem with her extraction system in her kitchen. When I arrived, the motor had become slow to start and noisy on running. After testing, I determined the unit needed a new motor, which I ordered from Vectaire. They seem to have great customer service and there products are robust and reliable.

When I returned to fit the motor, I started early to avoid disrupting the kitchen. The motor fitted in easily and I was able to have the unit tested and running within two hours.

Wendy and I concluded that in future the Half Moon team would increase the frequency at which they serviced the filters. This would help the motor as it wouldn’t have to work as hard.

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