Fitting Lights

Fitting Lights – from the electrician Stoke Newington.

I have gained a wealth of experience in installing lights and light fitting for customers. So whether you require a bespoke hand made pendant, or you have bought the shabby chic chandelier of your dreams, I am happy to check and install them for you.

For replacing a light fitting I charge £69/hr and of course this usually takes less than 1hr. For a new lighting point I will come and check your requirements. Rich- Stoke Newington electric whiz kid.

Cooker Installation

In my experience, the company you buy your cooker off will not connect it for you. If you have bought a replacement cooker, give me a call and I will connect it for you. If you’re cooker-less and need an electrician Stoke Newington bound, ring my bell.

For a standard cooker connection, I charge £35.

Call Mobile: 07857 942 190

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