Over the years, I have worked on many a bespoke installation. If you’re searching for something unusual or to your exact specification, I am happy to come and look at your ideas and make them a reality. Need an electrician in Islington or Isleworth? I am your man.

One of my favourite bespoke installations was a request from one of my Islington customers to come up with a way of lighting a path from their children’s bedrooms, to the bathroom. This was to enable them to get to the bathroom without the need to turn on the main lighting.

In order to do this, we installed small square down lighters, horizontally in the skirting boards leading from each child’s bedroom, to the bathroom. Each light had a movement sensor connected, which would in turn switch the following light on. As the child walked to the bathroom, each light came on one metre in advance, giving a safe
and soft pathway of light to the bathroom. It is a really effective display of lighting initiative. I strive for these types of electrical installation jobs!

One of my recent bespoke installations, started with a request to come and look at a telescope that needed connecting. When I went to look at the job, I met the client who proved to be one of the most determined and erudite people I have ever met, started to tell me about the telescope. It was a Takahashi sidereal rate telescope, with counter weighting and motor drive. As you fixed the scope on a star or a planet, it would move with the earth’s rotation in order to stay stationary on the star. As I looked through the enormous jumble of unique cables that connected the various cameras, light filters, micro focus drives and so on, and we were able to beat out a plan of how to get it all connected.

It was at this point that my client took me out side and showed me the Mercedes sprinter van he wanted it installed into. The job then turned into designing, installing and commissioning a world’s first mobile astral photography unit. This ground up designed stealth camper van, has cutting edge ground breaking technology, alongside wood burning stoves, and pull out double beds. This job tested the brink of engineering and my own capability and I’m very grateful to have been trusted to do it.

I’m pleased to say the van (mobile astral photography unit), has been tried and tested in locations as varied as Kielder forest and Germany, and is going strong. I will upload pictures to my site if I can pin down the owner for long enough to get them.

So, if your looking for a hi end-audio system in your basement, or an energy efficient method of powering your camper van, give me a call on 07857942190. I’m always happy to look at any slightly unusual requests, for unique engineering solutions.

Your electrician Islington or Ilford is only a eco friendly drive away.